Depot question

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Depot question

Post by bairdlander2 »

AI has current control of depots.From the screenshot,some are level 4 and sending freight to airfields only,while one is level 4 and does not send to anyone.My understanding is NSS should be 0 and the levels should rise gradually to higher levels closer to the front.Is it correct to put depot levels lower to guide the freight in the direction I want it to flow then increase the depot levels to where I want the most freight?

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RE: Depot question

Post by loki100 »

basically yes, but it depends a bit on what that depot is doing. Say you have a cluster of transport groups nearby, I'd set it higher than geography would indicate so it grabbed and retained freight - that I then moved on using the air supply routines

to me, the AI overdoes the use of level 4, but overall it sets up pretty logical depot networks
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