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Administrative Move

Post by Markko »

My question concerns how likely Administrative Move is likely to change in upcoming patches? I ask because the current system (x.07 patch) appears to have created large changes in the Soviet situation in early turns. If you've playtested this extensively and like it, then I'll learn the ramifications of the new system. On the other hand, if you have plans to revise this in the next few patches, it would be good to know that I shouldn't spent the time and effort.

I was playing turn 1 and 2 of a Soviet 41 campaign. Just learning the game, I didn't think a lot on turn one about strategy, and just went into a full scale Sir Robin back away from the invaders.

On Turn 2, as I got more used to this, I realized that Administrative Move had meant that I had broken contact with my pursuers, and was now largely out of EZOC except for Hitler's motorized spearheads. Being out of EZOC, and with Administrative Move, I now had a huge amount of freedom of action in being able to build my next attempt at a defensive line. I also realized that I didn't have to worry so much about infantry away from the fascist motorized spearheads being encircled, because they now move as fast or faster than the panzers.

Example: A spd 11 Infantry division can move 11 hexes at 1MP each using Administrative Move. Thus, an infantry division just below the Pripyat Marshes can quickly scurry back to Zhitomir and Kiev. Meanwhile, a high morale Panzer unit, with Spd 25 pays at least 2MP per hex into my country, and thus moves at about the same rate. Lower morale motorized units pay 3MP+ per hex, and thus manage at best about 8 hexes a turn, and thus are slower than my infantry division.

This is just one example. And please note, I'm not expressing favor nor scorn towards this. I'm just wondering if its worth the time to study this and figure out how to use it, or if it is planned to go away when you get a chance to work on it?
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RE: Administrative Move

Post by Bamilus »

I think any Axis player would be thrilled to have the Soviets just retreat without offering any resistance, but that's just my observation from HtH AAR's and reading notes of other players.

The Axis get bonus points for taking cities earlier than historically, and these bonus points are often a key determination in whether Axis win or not. So just retreating non-stop and letting Axis take these places is probably not the best strategy. In certain sectors, maybe.
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RE: Administrative Move

Post by loki100 »

I think you can assume the concept is not going to be removed from the game, so yes, worth working out how to use it (& how to prevent your opponent using it)
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