SUs in national reserves

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SUs in national reserves

Post by squatter »

What happens when you transfer SU units from the national reserve to the map exactly? Presumably they choose a nearby unit to the TB arrival hex to attach to? But which one?
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RE: SUs in national reserves

Post by MechFO »

The land in OKH or Stavka and can be assigned like any other SU.
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RE: SUs in national reserves

Post by fritzfarlig »

from the manual
they will initially appear attached
to the relevant High Command unit (usually either OKH or
the Stavka) and can be re-assigned as normal.
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RE: SUs in national reserves

Post by luciffer_MatrixForum »

Not in my game(41 Campaign vs German AI). My STAVKA doesn't have any sapper/engineer SU.
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RE: SUs in national reserves

Post by carlkay58 »

Wait until turn 5 I think and you will get 100 of them into the Reserves.
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