V21-Mission Editor Blank Mission Name Oddity

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V21-Mission Editor Blank Mission Name Oddity

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Okay, very tiny issue here. I'm not clear on the exact cause, but can I replicate it reliably.

If there is one existing mission and I create a new mission from the mission editor dialog (create new mission button), and the Open Mission Editor checkbox is Unchecked in Create Mission Dialog, the mission name I entered won't be populated into the Mission editor Mission List, but a blank field will be populated. I have no idea why the Open Mission Editor Checkbox was unselected, and sure I didn't do it, so perhaps something is going with a field focus or the dialog workflow causes an automatic uncheck. The weird thing is if you try it again and add a third mission, the name is populated just fine.

To replicate.

Add mission to the mission editor. Close
Reopen Mission Editor and then click the Create New Mission Button.
When the New Mission Dialog appears. Add a Mission name to the field. Uncheck the Open Mission Editor Window Checkbox. Click OK and notice that a blank mission has been added to the Missions list. You can select the blank line, add one and you're golden.

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