[Logged] SM-6 I Dual and SM 6IB DF-26 Engagement

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[Logged] SM-6 I Dual and SM 6IB DF-26 Engagement

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Hi All

This is likely a DB issue but decided to post it here as it may need further dev evaluation.

Ok load scenario and fire DF-26 at the carrier. There is an Arleigh Burke with SM-6 Blk 1B and SM-6 Dual 1 loadouts. The ship turns but ultimately doesn't engage as the DF-26 Mirvs are too fast (you can see this in the manual firing allocation). Now try with DF-21 and they're able to engage as the warheads are slow enough.

I realize there is a lot of murky data on this but shouldn't the SM-6s be able to engage the DF-26 to some degree? Take a look at the first link. Looks like the 1B is hypersonic capable. So I think the baseline SM-6 is correct but the progression to ABM is a little off. Just judging by the public data the 1B should be MRBM capable. Looks like IOC for 1B is 2024ish. The SM-6 I Dual should be fireable. If you've found data that it isn't capable, no worries!

As an aside should VLS ships be turning to fire in the case of ICBM. The other defensive weapons are not capable and by turning they are presenting their most visible cross-section. Very picky, I know, so no real worry on this one unless you think it matters.

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RE: SM-6 I Dual and SM 6IB DF-26 Engagement

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Yeah, this is something I've noticed with the SM-6s. The current DB values seem to make the engagements as WAD. IIRC ABM-capable SM-6s are limited to targets going at 6500 knots at most (which is the DF-21), but the DF-26s travels at 10000 knots so the SM-6 wouldn't be able to engage it. But I agree with the notion of at least increasing the SM-6 Blk IB's maximum speed and maximum target speed.

Perhaps (slightly) increasing the maximum target altitude as well? Some super/hypersonic missiles like the Kh-32 or the SS-N-33 Zircon, can't be engaged by the SM-6 as those missiles are just ever so slightly higher (~130k feet) than the SM-6's maximum target altitude (115k feet). The SM-6s can be fired only when the descent phase of those missiles happen.
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RE: SM-6 I Dual and SM 6IB DF-26 Engagement

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