Hail Mary and the defense of Tinian

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Hail Mary and the defense of Tinian

Post by Eboreg »

You guys might remember me as the guy who posts gameplay videos on the internet to give other players an idea of how to complete certain scenarios but I recently believe that I've run into the bane of my existence when it comes to scenarios. I've recently been focusing on the "Chains of War" campaign but while playing ahead to practice my strategies, one particular situation is turning out to be the bane of my existence, the defense of Tinian from Chinese ballistic missile attack during the "Hail Mary" scenario. You see, the devs never seem to be happy with how ABM engagements work and whenever they do an update, it always seems to completely change the way you need to fire your THAAD missiles in order to take out all 8 DF-26C missiles headed for the airport. I'm on the verge of giving up even trying and just accepting that Tinian is going to get plastered. At the very least, I've given up trying to figure out proper firing procedure by myself so if anyone here has some unheard wisdom for destroying all of the ballistic missiles, I would really love to hear it.
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RE: Hail Mary and the defense of Tinian

Post by TBLackey »

To start with, are you moving the THAAD to be directly between Tinian airport and inbound ballistic missiles from the direction of China? Otherwise THAAD won't fire due to DLZ issues.

Second, set USS Princeton to WEAPONS HOLD when the DF-26Cs are first detected. Otherwise Princeton will try to intercept with SM-3s without a hope in hell of making the shot, and the THAAD will wait patiently until the SM-3s peter out before even trying to fire. Don't forget to set Princeton to WEAPONS TIGHT after!

Third, change the THAAD Weapon Release Authorisation for both ballistic and supersonic missiles to 2 THAADs per target. The THAAD missile datalink can only handle 8 shots at a time, so firing all THAADs won't work. Instead it ought to fire a single interceptor at each of the eight DF-26C RVs. As the targets start to be destroyed the THAAD will start assigning two interceptors per target up to the max of 8 on the datalink.

In spite of all that, sometimes a few DF-26Cs will still get through. So make sure your B-2s are in the air (they should already be airborne to initiate the attack on China anyway, JASSMs are awesome). If you're lucky the remaining DF-26Cs will only destroy bits of empty tarmac which don't count for point reductions anyway.

And if you are really ambitious, find and destroy the launchers before they launch.

Try doing all of that first....
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