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Post by canuckgamer »

I looked under Land Units and Production in the manual and could not find anything about Partisans. Maybe I missed it. In a reply by Alvaro he indicated that physical partisans could not appear within 5 hexes of an enemy unit. He also said that partisans within 2 hexes of enemy units would not damage rail. What about non physical partisans? Are they also covered under the same rule as physical ones? To be specific they will not appear within 5 hexes of an enemy unit?
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RE: Partisans

Post by Nirosi »

It's in section 11 (the map). Saboteurs (non-physical) can not destroy rail on the 6 adjacent hexes (1 range basically) of a land unit (or in the hex itself of any unit type of).

"Unit partisans" can not appear with 5 range of a land unit.
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