Money for Bunny :)

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Money for Bunny :)

Post by MrsWargamer »

I think I'm going to start something like a GoFundMe or whatever means of getting free cash, and just call it what it is "Money for Bunny" and not care that Bunny doesn't need money from strangers, but hey, if people want to give me money, for no good reason, who am I to object eh.

Support Bunny today.

Your money ensures a free warm and fuzzy feeling. Maybe even for you too.
Your money is for a good cause. I'm Bunny, I'm good (so everyone says) so it's a good cause. I love the English language. I never said an untruth eh.

And when I spend it on a model or a book, I'm supporting local businesses, and hey, they need help you know. Covid has been rough on them. So in addition to a good cause (me), you are helping to feed local business persons. Isn't that nice? Your money aided two persons with just one donation. How efficient of you.

You don't need to fret over it being an intrusive major decision. I don't want 100 bucks, or 50 bucks, hey, 5 bucks is fine. But far be it me to insult your finances. If you want to send 100 bucks, well, you know what's best. I bow to your wisdom.

You can do this at any time of the month. It doesn't need to be right now. Tomorrow is fine, or next week. It's all in your capable hands.
And be assured, all money sent to Bunny is going to Bunny. You won't need to worry that even one penny is being siphoned off on administrative costs. Your generosity is going to precisely where you sent it.

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RE: Money for Bunny :)

Post by rico21 »


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RE: Money for Bunny :)

Post by Lobster »

If you set up an IRS-approved 501 (c)(3) organization through GoFundMe then donations are tax deductible. [:D]

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RE: Money for Bunny :)

Post by Will_L »

You could do the old, "Send me one dollar and I will send you absolutely nothing" newspaper ad thing that someone did back in the 1970's.
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RE: Money for Bunny :)

Post by Platoonist »

Happy Easter. [:D]

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