Tracing Supply For Ports

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Tracing Supply For Ports

Post by Rosencrantus »

Just wondering why Riga isn't getting any freight by sea. I set Riga to be an import port and the ports in East Prussia to be exports but no cargo is going through. From what I remember reading the manual it should send freight automatically as long as the naval interdiction favours you. Am I forgetting something?

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Joel Billings
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RE: Tracing Supply For Ports

Post by Joel Billings »

There is a built in delay in that the port will not receive anything until 2 turns after you capture it.

Turn 1 - Capture
Turn 2 - Generates port points
Turn 3 - Can use port points to unload freight

Now if the port is captured at 100% damage, I think you have to add another turn to bring it below 100% damaged.

If you are past these points, the next thing I would suggest would be checking that the supply priority is set higher in the receiving port than in the one you are using to export freight.
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RE: Tracing Supply For Ports

Post by MechFO »

Check the interdiction values. The AI is smart enough to run Naval interdiction. If you want to keep a lane open you need to run Naval interdiction of your own. Best done from Königsberg.
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RE: Tracing Supply For Ports

Post by fritzfarlig »

In Witw the airforce also working along the patch on the way
To the mission square I think it’s the same in Wite 2
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RE: Tracing Supply For Ports

Post by dudefan »

Naval interdiction counters enemy naval interdiction?
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RE: Tracing Supply For Ports

Post by loki100 »

to an extent - whoever has +2 vs the other controls the sea hex, but high enemy interdiction can still cause a lot of shipping/freight losses.

so say 2 - 0, fine its your hex and you move with little damage but say 7-5, well its still your hex but you will lose shipping.
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RE: Tracing Supply For Ports

Post by Nix77 »

I think you can use air superiority to actually nullify/reduce enemy naval interdiction?

And setting naval patrol to target a port should reduce the interdiction that the port automatically creates?
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