Level bombers for ground support role

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Level bombers for ground support role

Post by Arthurius »

Are level bombers usefull in ground support role and interdiction? If yes, what bombs load and altitude?
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RE: Level bombers for ground support role

Post by loki100 »

GS yes, GA-interdiction less so, GA-unit very good

standard 9,000' altitude.

If you have control over the situation, if the target is in the open/not well dug in then the best is lots of small bombs (=disruptions), if its well dug in fewer bigger bombs (to overcome the defensive bonus), clearly for a GS you can't predict this so need to make a best guess (or just leave it to the auto loadouts).

there are some useful clues re matching plane+loadout to mission in 19.4.5 of the manual
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