Reserve forces as SU

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Reserve forces as SU

Post by gids »

Playing a game in mp.At the moment im in t7, i noticed i have 1,2 million reserveforces and 2 million on map.Is this normal or what im i missing? .TB box is not checked
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RE: Reserve forces as SU

Post by loki100 »

could you provide a bit more information, scenario? OOB screen?
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RE: Reserve forces as SU

Post by M60A3TTS »

Hmm, the co-architect of perhaps the most fabled MP game in WiTE history...[&o]

What you're likely missing is that unlike WiTE, all newly arriving units do not come onto the map directly. Most go to the Soviet Reserves and have to be pulled out from there by setting desired hex or hexes to set Reserve TB Arrival Hex.
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