Key differences between Wite 2 to Wite [1] ?

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Key differences between Wite 2 to Wite [1] ?

Post by spinecruncher »

can someone list them or explain in a useful way?

For example I am playing Wite 2 now and I just ordered air as AI. Moving the boots are prior. I change some leadership and I see a different admin point situation.

Where are the FBD units?
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RE: Key differences between Wite 2 to Wite [1] ?

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This thread:

.. and the pinned Showcase threads above should be your first stop, as well as reading through sections 2-4 in the manual.
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RE: Key differences between Wite 2 to Wite [1] ?

Post by Sardaukar »

This is not a soaped up WitE 1 but whole new beast. [8D]

Forget some things you learned from WitE 1 and familiarize with things like CPP.
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RE: Key differences between Wite 2 to Wite [1] ?

Post by jacktimes2 »

I could say "Logistics" and "Air War", and a month or more ago, I would have. But even playing only a dozen hours or so, I can already tell there's a lot more going on, what with CPP, road networks, theater boxes, and on and on. The above thread above is far more helpful than I could be, but suffice it to say I have a lot of digging to do.
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