Recon target options

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Recon target options

Post by guctony »

In AD screen for Recon there is also Target priorities. Do we need to increase levels so Recon can also focus on land units, Railroad, railyard etc. And What about Interdiction level. For successful interdiction do we need to provide interdiction recon. Then the question, is there any bias over railroad lines and roads when AI deciding where to interdict.
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RE: Recon target options

Post by loki100 »

in the main match them up to your GA target, so if you are bombing railyards select rail yard for recon etc.

But the difference between unit recon and interdiction recon is a bit different (this does lurk in the manual [;)]). Unit recon will prioritise on finding out more about already partially known units, if it reaches the limit it will then swap to interdiction recon (so you will see both in the detailed mission reports). Interdiction recon focusses on empty hexes looking for undetected units. So pick that recon mission according to what you are worried about.

In general, don't over commit your recon assets, they are rare (realise it doesn't feel like this in the early turns), so don't aim for 1944 France levels of detection - knowing roughly where something is (or isn't) is usually all that you achieve
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