[1.08.03] AI not replacing its destroyed SHQ?

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[1.08.03] AI not replacing its destroyed SHQ?

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I had a game recently were I seized the AI major's capital city, destroying his SHQ. He still had a large empire of 5+ cities, so I figured he would just build a new SHQ somewhere and fight on.

After a dozen or so turns, however, it was clear he had not replaced his SHQ. His units fought on, but poorly as they were all in the red on supply. I had quite a number of spies in his remaining zones, and it was pretty clear by clicking on all his cities there was no new SHQ to provide supply to his units.

So it seems the AI is not doing something it normally should do? Save here: https://we.tl/t-bXLvWT6Aq8
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