Difficulty, Choice and Mandatory Councils

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Difficulty, Choice and Mandatory Councils

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On difficulties higher then normal, your starting Income Tax is 0%.
I guess this is supposed to increase difficulty. But it does not do that - all it does is force you to pick a Interior Council as the 1st or 2nd Council.

Instead of making the choice wich Councils to get early more important, it takes away the choice by effectively making the Interior Council a Mandatory starting council.

Something similar happens with a lower tech start:
Instead of making the choice wich councils to get more important and improoving the difficulty of choosing, they take away the choice of your first councils - they have to be the two science ones.
Similar stuff on the building front. Not having those initial buildings you start with on T4 - or at least not publically owned - realy just limits what you are able to do.

But perhaps the worst part? You can trivially get around this difficulty by simply starting with additional Councils.
Having 0% income taxes is not even a disruption, if you already start with a interior council.
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