Operation Slamfiish, 2021 - Ready For Testing

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Operation Slamfiish, 2021 - Ready For Testing

Post by SilentLeges »

Operation Slamfish, 2021
The Time Is: 19 March, 2021, 07:30 Zulu/10:30 Riyadh.
Operation Slamfish, Persian Gulf.
Playable as USA Only
42 Hours.


I would like to know how it plays, whether the sides are balanced enough. I am considering that I may need to insert more SAM sites.

----- Updated -----

Change Log:

- Fixed Postures for US/Russia.
- Added Anti-Naval Load outs to the carrier groups.
-- Moved the growlers to the airfield.
- Fixed E-7 Mission.
- Fixed Positioning of Russian/Iranian Aircraft (Figured out when they are friendly they can use the same airfield).
- Added in Anti-air platforms and Radars.
- Added in a surprise.
Operation Slamfish.zip
(260.29 KiB) Downloaded 42 times
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RE: Operation Slamfiish, 2021 - Ready For Testing

Post by Blast33 »

Thank you for posting your scenario. You are exposing yourself and that is brave [;)]

Would it be an idea to explain why the aircraft Carrier George Bush has only a 15 fighter aircraft? Only with air-to-air loadout, so no anti-shipping intended with the naval aircraft? No onboard E-2 Hawkeye's AEW?
Why is Minhad in the UAE allied with Iran?

The main goal is to prevent the Russian aircraft carrier from getting out of the gulf but the posture is neutral towards them?
Can I start the war with Russia?
Russia has a base in Afhanistan in Bagram?

The big Iranian ships are really old Iranian, is this on purpose?
Iran has no air defense?

If you attach the E-7 Wedgetail to the AAW patrol the big aircraft will also investigate targets.. So it was shotdown. It stays more in its role if you assign a different AEW mission to this aircraft and let the fighters fight.
Same for the Russian side with the Yak-44. It tried to intercept the F-18E Hornets. If you give it a support mission, of do not tick the investigate

Maybe it's me, but a little more guidance and tweaking is helpful.
But that is how it starts, so keep going!
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RE: Operation Slamfiish, 2021 - Ready For Testing

Post by SilentLeges »

Thank you for testing.

I have updated with your suggestions.....

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RE: Operation Slamfiish, 2021 - Ready For Testing

Post by Selchu »

Morning Silent,
The premise is excellent. The idea of having the Russians breakout is cool. I'm going to try and play this one later and see how I get on.
Couple of things I wondered,
- Where are the Carrier Air Wings for both Russia and America? The Russian group having a lighter airwing I can understand as they are just coming out of overhaul, but if the US were planning to take on a Russian group I believe they would bring the full airwing. Especially their ASW helicopters. Also the Russian carrier is there to escort the battle cruiser. Would they not want their full airwing?
- The Spruance class destroyers were decommisoned in 2006. Would a Ticonderoga class CG be more appropriate? Likewise the Alfa class on the Russian side.
- I also noticed that the Mig 25 Foxbat is on the Russian carrier. These aircraft aren't carrier capable. I tried to launch them but they won't take off.

I'll have a look later when I get a chance.
Nice work so far though.
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RE: Operation Slamfiish, 2021 - Ready For Testing

Post by SilentLeges »

Morning, Selchu.

First of all thanks for looking at my scenario.

Carrier Air-wings for the US and Russia

It was intended that the US carrier group was hastily put together. The reason behind the light composition of aircraft is that they had been re-assigned to different airbases. Due to the complication and time required to get everything together there wasn't enough time to get the aircraft back.

The Russian carrier, You are correct in saying its only coming out of overhaul, I wouldn't expect a group to carry many aircraft. I am thinking of doing some research to confirm this.

Outdated Vessels

I don't know much about naval capabilities more of an air power nerd. :D Thank you for the suggestion as well. I will reassess. (I am finding myself mainly putting together naval engagements, especially, submarine hunting).

The hodge podge of outdated naval vessels could be explained by the fact that again, there wasn't enough time to get the right capabilities.

As for the Alfa, I have a bit of a soft spot from the "Hunt for the Red October".

The MIGs were a mistake I didn't check to see if they were carrier capable, however, I will base them out of the Iranian airfield.

I appreciate the kind words.
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