Make a list of known bugs

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Make a list of known bugs

Post by varangy »

Suggestion: make a (and continuously update) list of known (at least major) bugs.

This way I wouldn't had wasted many gameplay hours to build on something that was already known not to work (military pacts in my case which I consider a major bug).
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RE: Make a list of known bugs

Post by BlueTemplar »

Well, you kind of can [look up a list of known bugs], using the Tech Support subforum
(and/or the Search, but you'd have to know what you're searching for in advance, so yeah, might not be very helpful in your case...)

I guess the community *might* be willing to add a "Known Bugs in latest Stable/Beta" page(s) to a wiki such as this one ?
(A forum FAQ might be a bit too unwieldy for that ?)
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