Public QOL Rework idea

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Public QOL Rework idea

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There recently was a post about some general feedback, and I found the QOL part particulary interesting.

The poster did not like that once there is some decent Private Economy Investment, there is no more reason to build any public QOL buildings. The private economy takes care of all of that.

I realy do not like that I have no way to prevent the private industry from growing the QOL. I want to be able to keep the QOL score (and thus Civilisation Score) low in certain scenarios.

But I did realize there is a idea where we could both get what we wanted:
1. Put up a limit to how much QOL Points for any category can be generated.
2. The limit could be pretty hard (nothing past the point) or semi hard (points past the limit, only apply their square root of effect).
3. The public buildings increase the QOL Category Limit. they may still provide some QOL Points themself, but their primary purpose is limit increaser.
4. You may be able to repalce the current divisor with it

1. The Public QOL buildings never loose their use. If anything, they become more important then they ever were before
2. I am able to keep QOL low, if I want to
3. You can get of the (rather hard to grasp) division by the Zone level. Makes the whole mechanic easiere to undertand. Or to programm into the AI.
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