where and how to design plane model?

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where and how to design plane model?

Post by kingcarrot »

Ok, I simply cannot find out how and where to design a new plane.
How do I get access to the plane models?

I have the propeller technology.
I have the "model design council"
I have the "Airforce research council"
I have created an airbase in my capital
I have generated an "air command" in my capital also

as far as I know, I also enable the airforce in the planet generation.
But when I am prompted to design a new model, I only see landforces. No planes anywhere.

What am I missing? How do I actually do it? What are the prerequisites? Any videos showing this?
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RE: where and how to design plane model?

Post by Twotribes »

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RE: where and how to design plane model?

Post by Akrakorn »

The model design council has to discover the models before being able to develop them, they work exactly like land models in that regard.
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RE: where and how to design plane model?

Post by zgrssd »

The process is the same as for all other units - just the choices a are a bit more detailed:
1. You get the prequisite technology
2. The Model design council discovery the model.
3. Being able to discover a model requires having the tech and a design from the preceeding model
4. You make a actuall design using the Model Design Council.

usually you set it on something like 5-10% Discovery, Rest Design. If you are nto working on a design, all BP will be transfered to discovery.
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