Section 2.8.4 team play

A complete overhaul and re-development of Gary Grigsby's War in the East, with a focus on improvements to historical accuracy, realism, user interface and AI.

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Section 2.8.4 team play

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Will this be up to 4 players on each side ?[:)]
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RE: Section 2.8.4 team play

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Initially not using the Multiplayer server system. You can play this with multiple players if you use PBEM and mail the saves around within the team. We had one 8 player game in test.

Pavel has designed the Multiplayer code so that post-release he can set up a system to allow multiple players on each side. I can't promise this will be done, but it's been a goal of his to do this for some time now. He managed to allow 4 players in WitW, but only splitting the air and ground forces. he wants to allow more players and allow them to share air and ground assets however they wish.
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