Japanese Aircraft?

War Plan Orange: Dreadnoughts in the Pacific 1922-1930, from the team that brought you War in the Pacific.

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Japanese Aircraft?

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Working on an early '30s Scenario, and want to know if anyone out there can compare notes on aircraft. I've added the following planes:

Naval Aircraft
Nakajima A1N2 - Carrier Fighter
Mitsubishi B2M1 - Carrier Torpedo Bomber
Mitsubishi 2MR - Carrier Recon
Nakajima E4N-3 - Floatplane Recon
Hiro H1H-2 - Patrol Flying Boat
Hiro H2H-1 - Patrol Flying Boat
Hiro H4H-1 - Patrol Flying Boat
Mitsubishi 3MT5 - Land Based Torpedo Bomber

Army Aircraft
Kawasaki Ki-22 - Fighter
Nakajima Type 91 i- Fighter
Kawasaki Ki 3 - Light Level Bomber
Kawasaki Type 87 - Level Bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-2-I - Level Bomber
Mitsubishi Ki-2-II - Level Bomber
Kawasaki Type 88 - Recon
Mitsubishi Type 92 - Recon

Did I miss anything?

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