v1.066 - Update available now!

Armored Brigade is a real-time tactical wargame, focusing on realism and playability
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v1.066 - Update available now!

Post by SamSlitherine »

Hi Everyone,

We have a new update available for you all to play! It is available via the check for updates button on the game launcher, as well as from the following areas:

It is available to download in the 'Downloads' section on the product page - Armored Brigade Product Page or direct download via this Armored Brigade Download link

Changelog below:

Fix: Czechoslovak two-man and three-man MG teams were missing winter sprites.
Fix: The unit specs window 'Indirect Fire Only' text was using a wrong color.
[engine] Use autosave in campaign missions when the player enters the AAR phase.
[scenarios] Edit the 'Rescue on Autobahn' briefing and objective names.
[ui] Rename the database editor 'Armor penetration range' text label to 'Penetration range' and
improve the tooltip.
[ui] Edit the database editor 'Infantry vulnerability' tooltip.

Happy gaming and have a nice day!!
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RE: v1.066 - Update available now!

Post by JDLgnd »

Thanks for the update.
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RE: v1.066 - Update available now!

Post by Jaws_slith »

Good Hunting
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