HaL Grossdeutschland Campaign

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HaL Grossdeutschland Campaign

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I attach an excel to simulate a campaign with the German side of Grossdeutschland scenarios.

You have to play the scenarios in the order of excel, and write down the level of difficulty (INTRODUCTURY= 1 NORMAL= 2 HARD= 3), the casualties of both sides, and whether it was win or not (WIN= 1 DEFEATS= 0). This gives us a score.

Just write on gray boxes, the rest are formulas that should not be touched.

In this excel I have scored more for winning the scenario, and the casualties of the vehicles I divide them into tanks, and other vehicles. I have also improved the excel so that automatically the results of each campaign are copied in the campaign list.

My native language is Spanish, and no English language mastery, sorry.
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