SHQ Strategic Movement excessive weight

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SHQ Strategic Movement excessive weight

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While you can redeploy a SHQ via Strategic Move, doing so is prohibitively expensive in Logistics. Way over 20k is very common.
I think the issue is all the material stored inside the SHQ adding to it's weight. Unfortunately this side of a Level 6 Railstation, nothing has anything close to that capacity. And you would have acess leftover points only.

Given that the Zones Storage is realy only "rented out" to the SHQ from the Zones, very few is actually stored inside the SHQ - but in the storage of the Zones split all over the place.
For unlimited Storage Items (Metal, Rare Metal, Machines, all 3 forms of Manpower) it would be best if they were just dropped in the current SHQ's Zone, to be retreived later using the normal way.
Limited storage items propably need to be dropped over the Zones the SHQ got the storage from originally, Got 6271 Fuel Storage but only use 89 and transfer 6182 to the SHQ? You get 6182 transfred, I will grab it up later.
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