Soviet/Russian independent Transport units

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Soviet/Russian independent Transport units

Post by Gunner98 »

In the import/Export thread, Rob mentioned the following and I might be able to help - a little.
328th independent Transport Aviation Squadron: No data exists about this squadron aside from it being based out of Sokol-Dolinsk). I include it here for scenario designers who might want to add transports to a Far East battle.

For speculative information only. I have been looking for a while to pin down the rough composition of these independent Transport Aviation Squadrons (OVTAE) and as well the Independent Mixed Aviation Regiments (OSAP) however there does not seem to be a standard.

Their role seems to be providing transport to various levels of the air force (both PVO & VVS):

1x OSAP per air Army
1x OVTAE per air Corps (or smaller armies)

They seem to have multiple types in each unit, Squadrons with ~8-20 Aircraft and Regts with 30-40 aircraft. Usually aircraft type have at least 2, probably to cover for maintenance.

They always seem to have a mix between passenger and cargo and usually a mix of fixed wing and helicopter.

Constants include:

That's all I've got on these so if you have more, please share.
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RE: Soviet/Russian independent Transport units

Post by PN79 »

Central Group of Forces in 1983 had in its 131st Mixed Aviation Division these:

173rd Independent Mixed Aviation Squadron with An-12BP, An-26 and Mi-8T.
199th Independent Helicopter Squadron with Mi-8PPA, Mi-8T and Mi-6.
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