RIP Hank Aaron

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RIP Hank Aaron

Post by RangerJoe »

May he Rest In Peace. [:(]

Hank Aaron -- one of the greatest baseball players of all time -- has died. He was 86.

The Hall of Famer reportedly passed away Friday morning. . . . ... ll-legend/
The baseball world lost one of the greats on Friday. Hank Aaron, more endearingly known as "Hammerin' Hank," has passed away at the age of 86. The former Atlanta Braves player and Hall of Famer is known for beating Babe Ruth's 33-year home run record in 1974.
Aaron began his baseball career in 1954 with the Milwaukee Braves. The team moved to Atlanta in 1966. When Aaron hit his 715th home run in 1974, he broke Babe Ruth's record. Ruth's record held for 33 years and many thought it could never be broken. But his accomplishment was unfortunately accompanied by some racist hate mail and death threats. So when two young, white fans, later identified as Britt Gaston and Cliff Courtenay, rushed the field after Aaron hit his record breaking homer, audiences held their breath. As it turned out, they just wanted to congratulate him. And Aaron has reunited with the men a few times since.
. ... s-n2583559
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by berto »

As a child, I had his 1959 season Topps baseball card ... until our mother tossed my brother's and my baseball card collections into the incinerator one day. [:@]

RIP, Henry ("Hank" as he was universally known back then).
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by demyansk »

Oh man berto, terrible
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by rommel222 »

Greetings RangerJoe,
Saw "Hammerin Hank" hit many home runs. A truly great baseball player. Sad he is gone
Always collected Topps baseball cards every year, as a kid, and had all of Hank Aaron's cards, as well as Mickey Mantle.
May he rest in peace.
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Erik Rutins
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by Erik Rutins »

RIP Hank, truly one of the greats.
Erik Rutins
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Yogi the Great
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by Yogi the Great »

Remember going to see him at Milwaukee County Stadium before they moved to Atlanta. His Brother Tommy Aaron also played with Milwaukee for awhile and visited my grade school. The Milwaukee Braves were quite the team with players like Warren Spahn, Lew Burdette, Del Crandell, Eddie Matthews, Johnny Logan and more.
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by Greybriar »

Rest in peace, Hank. You were one of the greats.
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Rebel Yell
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by Rebel Yell »

God bless and keep his family.

What an amazing talent.
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RE: RIP Hank Aaron

Post by Neilster »

Because I have a cricket background and only know the basics of baseball history, when something like this happens it's interesting to do some research.

He was clearly a great hitter, with a solid all-round game and he overcame serious adversity to have a long career and become a legend. Very impressive.
Cheers, Neilster
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