CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by Dimitris »

Download: ... 5t9-hR-cCo

To apply: Unzip to the CMO installation directory, overwriting as necessary (backup the existing Command.exe, just in case)

NOTE: This is a public beta. Standard disclaimers apply.

Build 1147.16 release notes (changes from official B1147.14)

TWEAK: #14041: Database viewer tweak for fuel records
TWEAK: #8534: Cloning facility/ships now also clones their hosted A/C and/or boats + 2 new cloning functions
TWEAK: Renaming is now a bit more scalable & FIXED a conflict with renaming of RPs
TWEAK: Added exit Hotkeys to secondary windows
TWEAK: #13571: Streamlined Renaming of Units
TWEAK: #13802: On the "Load Scenario" window, remove ".scen" in the name of each scenario in the selection tree (Leave .save extension to differentiate)
TWEAK: The muzzle flash of a firing unit is now proportionate to caliber & better rocket-plume detection & IR detection
TWEAK: The start screen is now full-screen or maximized (ie. taskbar visible) according to the preference of the main map window
TWEAK: #13181: Tweaked chaff effectiveness against early ASHMs (more gradual)
TWEAK: #14241: Towed arrays cannot operate at over 15 knots
TWEAK: "Pure Illuminator" radars (e.g. SPG-62) now considered FCR for emission ID purposes
TWEAK: Datalink + TARH AAW missiles (e.g. AMRAAM, SM-6 etc.) can now go active without immediately going autonomous (this allows such missiles to be guided with greater precision & reliability against VLO targets or in strong OECM environment). The datalink is cut instead only when the missile acquires the target (or impacts on it, still under positive control from the link provider).
Numerous sim-core performance tweaks

FIXED: #14285: Lost focus on ORBAT window
FIXED: #14287: Ctrl+s shortcut stopped working
FIXED: Game Options --> "Game Speed" tab - Checkboxes not working
FIXED: #13338: "Pickup units" was no longer working
FIXED: #13475: Ships not pathfinding correctly when RTB
FIXED: #13332: FIXED group and formation editor
FIXED: #13322: Pause/Play shortcut not always working (bypassing stolen focus)
FIXED: #14234: ARM Targeting
FIXED: #10643: Improved Hotkeys for windows (Bring focus / exit)
FIXED: #10842: Minor string modification
FIXED: Glitched & empty save folder showing up in scenario loading UI
FIXED: #14039: Autodetected ship is listed as SKUNK when all details are available in contact report
FIXED: #13652: 361 degree scale map?
FIXED: #14040: Ship orientation not able to be set in ScenEditor
FIXED: #13986: RTB issue while in Nonav / failed bounce off
FIXED: #14046: Aircraft are having issues when ordered to RTB
FIXED: #13918: Cargo Pickups can't be canceled
FIXED: #14167: Cargo Mission tweaks for unusual mission areas
FIXED: #14223: Torpedoes run out of steam too early
FIXED: #13328: Esc & Enter keys not working to close window
FIXED: Flaw in Satellite Prediction calculations
FIXED: #14274: ABM calculation causes the game to freeze / crash
FIXED: #14233: Missile engages target behind it
FIXED: #13765: Holding down Ctrl-key for "Hover view" doesn't work when cursor already over unit
FIXED: #14251: Off-Boresight missile not working
FIXED: #14232: Allow to fire sequencial salvo (additional) againt the same target.
FIXED: #13884: Reloading during engagement for AAA
FIXED: #13984: Infinite Acquisition/Drop loop of friendly out-of-comms sub contacts
FIXED: #13985: Retained targeting of very ambiguous target for Gun, Rocket, Iron Bomb
FIXED: Label too small for text on "Edit Scoring" dialog
FIXED: #14143: Temporary signatures and muzzle flash
FIXED: "Canarys cage" old scenario duplicate + Canary's cage Lua fix
FIXED: #9273: Aerostats cannot dock
FIXED: #13182: Problem with too-perfect SSM homing
FIXED: #12437: Straight-running torpedoes DLZ issue
FIXED: #13672: Units not firing allocated weapons
FIXED: #10936: LCM trying to find path inland
FIXED: #10841: All ships can unload cargo onto shore
FIXED: #14209: Too much information from emissions off non auto-detectable buildings
FIXED: #14024: BOL-Launch bug
FIXED: #13983: Engaging targets in No-Nav zones
FIXED: #13646: All tubes reload, but only three were fired?
FIXED: #14047: Poor map performance when group selected (and datalinks visible)
FIXED: #14098: LOS tool inconsistent
FIXED: #13971: LOS Tool Results Still Show up After Dialog Closed
FIXED: #13420: Scrolling Air facilities list using mouse wheel is slow
FIXED: #13321: Detection emission information shadowed by datablock
FIXED: "XXX" text for unknown contact speed/altitude displayed on the same line
FIXED: #14217: Weird AI A/C behavior in Down Town, 1967
FIXED: #14135: 'Opportunity target' Doctrine ignored if 'investigate outside patrol area' setting is off
FIXED: #14173: A/C RTB after BVR shot without providing guidance
FIXED: #14177: Message log position creeps upwards on main window
FIXED: Adding Mount to Boat Hosted in a Facility Adds Mount to Facility
FIXED: #12998: AC wont attack heavily damaged target from mission strike list
FIXED: #14245: Strange missile guidance behavior
FIXED: #14144: Out of Comm A/C friendly contacts are continuously dropped / Reacquired
FIXED: #13966: Changing Database clears scenario without warning
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by KLAB »

Happy new year!
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by Parel803 »

Thx and best wishes 2021 for everybody
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by KnightHawk75 »

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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by c3k »

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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by mikerohan »

Thanks! and happy New Year!
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by fire-fox »

zip has only an .exe is that correct ? looking at other Beta patches there are folders in there also.
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by KnightHawk75 »

ORIGINAL: fire-fox

zip has only an .exe is that correct ? looking at other Beta patches there are folders in there also.

Correct that is all that is needed for this beta update.
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by Dragnaath »

Can this patch be applied to 1.02.114714 from the website download or do I need to install previous public betas?

I'm transferring CMO to my new PC :)
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by thewood1 »

I can be applied directly. Its cumulative from the point of the last official release. Keep in mind its a beta.
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RE: CMO v1.02 Update - Build 1147.16

Post by sfbaytf »

I decided on a whim to fire this up. Installed the update. new map looks great and runs smooth as glass. Since I haven't played this for some time I'm in the tutorials which themselves have look to have been updated and are very good.

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