Sahel Slugfest - Strategy for France-Chad

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Sahel Slugfest - Strategy for France-Chad

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Hello there fellow commanders,

as the headline suggest my question is regarding the LIVE scenario "Sahel Slugfest". I haven't really played it but looked at the disposition of both sides, now I want to give it a shot on the French-Chadian side. Therefore I ask you: how would you play as France in this mission?
My idea was to "shut down" the two airports near the coastline (to eliminate this threat) by using the SCALPs from the "Charles de Gaulle" - eliminating the revetments, hangars and paring spaces there. If any SCALPs are left, targeting the closest airfield.
Next would be the degrading of both air and land forces on the border. But I ain't quite sure what to do with the other airfields (I guess my supply of SCALPs won't be huge).

What would you change or adapt?

Thanks in advance

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RE: Sahel Slugfest - Strategy for France-Chad

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You can use AASMs to attack the airfields (use the IIR seeker version preferably). Just make sure to strike the SAMs first (or at the same time), they won't "wake up" until the bombs hit. Your Rafales can detect and identify the SAMs with active radar. Use the "heavy interdiction" (with Meteors) loadouts, 6xAASM under every striker, if you send a flight of 6 strikers, this makes enough bombs to kill the SAMs and damage the airfields enough.
Range without refueling is enough to strike everywhere except El-Obeid (the innermost Sudanese airfield). This one you can strike later, when you have attrited the OPFOR's most dangerous fighters (those PL-15-carrying SU-30 copies). Simply get the tankers closer to the border and your Rafale Bs will be able to strike el-Obeid after refueling.
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