Vichy creation event, Metz not to Germany

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Vichy creation event, Metz not to Germany

Post by cendrich »

In Strategic Command WWII War in Europe version 1.19.00 in the "1939 Storm over Europe" campaign, the Vichy creation event does not give Germany the Metz hex (160,84)[Elsass-Lothringen] after choosing "yes". In the 1941 campaign Germany has the hex.
I have found the file, it is in "...\Campaigns_DE\_Storm over Europe\Scripts\Events\territory.txt", search for "Das Deutsche Reich annektiert das Elsass", there the hex 160,84 is missing. Adding the line "#MAP_POSITION= 160,84" does unfortunately do nothing to transfer Metz, still no change with my saved game used for testing.
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RE: 1939 Storm over Europe campaign, hex missing (event)

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Thanks cendrich, I've made a note to get this corrected. [:)]
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