DWU 2: some questions about the modding and community

Please post here for questions and discussion about scenario, art and sound modding and the game editor for Distant Worlds.

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DWU 2: some questions about the modding and community

Post by Hyperion1 »

Starting to mod too much late on DWU, I planned first to make a Dune mod, but noticed the feature of the game prevented to respect how this universe work.
The reason was, for example; the fight in Dune is Embedded on how the shield work, that is to say, nothing kinetic except immensely powerful can pass the shield, ships can't attack with the shield on, and laser shooting the shield provoke a chain reaction destroying the attacker and the target. The only way to fight was the shield off or with boarding.
Also, it was impossible to make a guild transport; that is to say another faction that could transport other ships against a fee.
My third difficulty was how made Arrakis the center of the universe, and finally found how with a custom map and working on planets, but still difficult to implement.

So because of all these difficulties, I decided to mod with Farscape universe, one of rare still not already exploited. This universe fit a lot better how work DWU, and I already started to make an alpha of my mod, very long to do. It was fun to make the graphical content.

But witnessing the imminent release of DWU2 I decided today to mod for DWU2, even if I am a total beginner with 3D, but I have plenty of questions about what we could do and if the community already planned things.

Question for the modding community:
There are people who already planned to mod DWU2? Can you introduce your projects?

Question for developers or people who know:
1-How the modding in the game would look like?
2-We would have more softcoded options for customizing components? I would really like for example to control side effects of weapons or shields, that it to say, have resistance against a specific weapon or need to turn the shield off, before fire or can be boarded even shield up and plenty other options on weapons, FTL, phase, ship domination and control, etc.
3-Ships would be animated for example with a rotating ship part or a deploying when the ship fire?
4-Ships would have always 360° turret or some weapons could be 180° front? Or side?
5-There would have visitable colonies with building viewing?
6-If yes, fight on colonies could be more visible, and maybe with simple order like hold the position (waiting for more troops), attack or retreat?
7-Defense turret could be built on planets?
8-It could be possible to make facilities with super-weapons, for example long-range missile or laser.
9-About ship design, weapon and external components would have a generic 3D appearance or it would be race specific? How these slots would look like in modding talking? Like a colored square of a specific dimension?
10-Ships would have a collision and ramming damage?
11-Can we change how look the destruction effect on ships? Like for example for organic ships look like bleeding.
12-Area weapon could destroy ally ships?
13-Ships and base could get experience?
14-Escape pods could be include as component for save troops or experimented captain/character on a ship or base?
15-Thermic dissipation could be include as component necessary for avoid the ship to malfunction?
16-regenerative area components could be included?
17-Some shield could feedback a % damage taken?
18-There could be to have explosive mines?
19-Some components could make effect close to a star?
20-A ship could use tractor ray for carrying an ally ship to a base?
21-Can we have an advanced terraforming system improving the quality of the planet but more than that, change the planet type?
22-An empire could prosper without planet, not as pirate? Example; extradimensional race, asteroid based race, or voyagers on ships.
23-A crew system would be implemented? That is to say, if all the crew die, the ship is disabled.

I have so much fun ideas and can't make them on DWU, I hope I not sound annoying.[:)]
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RE: DWU 2: some questions about the modding and community

Post by rjord2021 »

ORIGINAL: Hyperion1

But witnessing the imminent release of DWU2 I decided today to mod for DWU2, even if I am a total beginner with 3D, but I have plenty of questions about what we could do and if the community already planned things.[/i]

Before deciding to start modding DWU2 it is probably best to wait for DWU2 to be released first..... then we can see the file structure and what is available for modding.

After DWU2 is released I will be modding for both DWU1 and DWU2 as I believe they will be different enough games.
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RE: DWU 2: some questions about the modding and community

Post by zgrssd »

About naming, I think the proper names are:
Distant Worlds (1)
Distant Worlds Universe
Distant Worlds 2
DWU 2 would have to be a game after DW2.

The Dune setting is inherently bad for a Space Game. The whole setting is designed to make Feudal Society and Fighting possible/viable.
Difficulty to impractical FTL is a cornerstone. It leads to Balkanisation.
As a comparision, look at the Traveller RPG: FTL travel is 1 week per jump, with jump distances being limited. No FTL comms, so couriers are fundamental. All reinforcements are at least 2 weeks away. Meanwhile travel and combat within the System is basically "The Expanse".
That inherently leads to isolation and the formation of local noble houses, wich have to deal with all their local problems themself.

The other part is making space battles/strategic weapons infeasible:
- prohibition against use of atomics
- holtzman shields making lasers and conventional ranged weapons unuseable, including most artillery

The best I idea I have to simulate the highliners:
- All travel is System to System
- there would be defined entry and exit points (where the Guild Liners park)
- You would have to pay for for using these routes, using Money or a Rare resource (Spice)
However I can only warn you that the AI will be unable to deal with anything like the Dune Travel system.´It requires planing ahead. The one thing any game AI is incapable off, is planning ahead. Unless we talk about fully solved games, like Chess.
DW2 Poll:
"Should the Civil and non-Combat Ships loose all or most of their weapon slots?"
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RE: DWU 2: some questions about the modding and community

Post by LeFoureur »

At first glance, it seems that modding is similar to DW:U.

My main short-term objectives : :

- French translation.
- Resource generator: (Races, Weapons, Politics ect ..) like here (but this time I'll go to the end :p) : https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.a ... ey=�
- An EN/FR site that is a "copy" of the galactopedia at stake. (and see some additions around AAR/mods)

In the long term :

- A mod which is very strongly inspired by Twilight Imperium/SOTS in terms of races and some game systems.
- In-depth tests to see if it is possible to integrate complex systems.
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