Iran-Iraq war

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RE: Iran-Iraq war

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RE: Iran-Iraq war

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So i played the scenario now from both sides till the end of 1982 .
I think its to easy for an human to beat the Ai , i would add modifiers for the AI for it does not create new units with replacements , so once you start breaking divisions the AI starts to gather units in the HQs but dont use them to create new formations (i had 175.000 Iranians in Tehran in the HQ surrounded ) I do think its a nice PVP Sceanrio from what i have seen . Also giving the Political Situation we may see it played out in real life again this time with the US ^^
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RE: Iran-Iraq war

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Could someone please give me a link to this mod?
Thanks in advance,
Pongo de Mer
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RE: Iran-Iraq war

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It has been withdrawn from circulation I believe, pending the release of a new improved version.
A Sharif
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