Financial System (To heck with navies....)

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Financial System (To heck with navies....)

Post by mroyer »

How about a global financial system complete with:

finance council and director
borrowing and lending
deficit spending
interest on outstanding loans
monetary stability levels
national credit rating
monetary supply controls
international exchange rates

whew... could be cool. Probably need borrowing and deficit spending to afford those navies anyhow [;)]

(but seriously, I can't wait for navies either [:)])

-Mark R.

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RE: To heck with navies....

Post by zgrssd »

Some existing mechanics that may relate to this:

Regime Statistics:
Capital Price Index
Tracks the price evolution of the different Resources with the Traders at the Capital of your Regime. Note that these are indexes and not real prices. traders
Traders are a small but powerful group that coordinates trade caravans between Zones and Regimes. There are different Trade Houses that each control one or more Zones. The larger your Regime, the larger your Trade House will become. You can get revenue from Traders by imposing Sales Tax and/or Tariffs. Traders usually ignore borders with Minor Regimes, but you need to have a Trade Relation with a Major Regime in order for your Trade Houses to trade with the Trade Houses on the other side of the border. monetary Constant
The Traders also play a role in keeping total Credits in the system close to the Monetary Constant. Once too many Credits enter the system compared to total planetary Populace, the Traders will start putting part of their Credits in Trader Treasures (and thus taking those Credits out of circulation). Furthermore, they’ll start decreasing the price they are willing to buy Items for.When too few Credits remain in the system, the Traders will start scavenging their Trader Treasures (and thus putting more Credits in circulation).
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RE: To heck with navies....

Post by Kamelpov »

I got them bankrupt by selling machine and hi-tech goods late game.
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