[1.06 b2] GR Automatus causing crash

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[1.06 b2] GR Automatus causing crash

Post by DasTactic »

I've been live-streaming a game on Twitch over the last few days and have a GR Automatus unit.

The first crash I got was when I selected the unit to view the design card. I loaded it back in and tried to emulate the crash but it worked properly the second time.

The second crash was when I had the unit with a couple of GR Infantry units that I was about transfer into a single unit. At one point I clicked on the GR Automatus unit in the transfer window and that then triggered the crash.

This is shown here (video will only be there for a couple of days)
Timecode: 01:31:00
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RE: [1.06 b2] GR Automatus causing crash

Post by Vic »

Sorry Das,

Would be much appreciated if you could get me an autosave to vic@vrdesigns.net from which i can try to repeat that transfer crash.

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