Can't delete/remove races?

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Can't delete/remove races?

Post by BlindOne »

I tried to make a mod that removes some races by outright deleting them but this seems to throw an out of bounds error ...

I just removed the races from the /race folder and altered the racebiases file appropriately but I can't figure out why it's bugging out. Seems you CAN delete the shakturi and mechanoids without a problem but not any other races or it will give the out of bounds error.

Is the game expecting a certain amount of races or something? It seems the default races cannot be deleted from what I've seen. Does anyone know how to delete races or is this simply impossible?

Cause I wanted to strip down Distant Worlds to its base elements and go from there. Starting with only 2 races and basic components ... but can't seem to delete any races without it crashing on me.

(of course I could just disable them but that's not my point/goal)

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RE: Can't delete/remove races?

Post by Hyperion1 »

The game check for ressources at every start and a race have following folder and file :
components (it will check which race is quoted)
raceBiase (you did the modification)
Races-> #racename
design template -> #racename
character -> #racename
policy -> #racename
image -> unit -> characters -> #racename_#
image -> unit -> races -> #racename
image -> unit -> troops (The game will check the number of troops, it must match with number of races)
dialog -> #racename

Instead of delete a race, I advise to change the race file for make it unplayable.
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