Merging/splitting naval and air units

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Merging/splitting naval and air units

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Is there a way of merging sub groups? Or is the only way to bring them up to strength is to send them to port and plus up their reinforcements? I've learned to send subs and ship groups with 2 or less of their 5 to a 5+ port to increase their strength. It would be nice to be able to merge or split "like" groups (i.e. CL/DD, Carrier, BB, sub groups). If this isn't viable, what is the logic? For that matter, what about the same for like air units? There is historical precedent for reorganizing units to form new units, air groups using cadre from existing air groups. Obviously, all manpower, logistic constraints, and production should apply.
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RE: Merging/splitting naval and air units

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No merging and splitting and sea and air.

In WP2 air units will be groups of other smaller air units.
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