New Scenario: Dug in at Dipperz

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New Scenario: Dug in at Dipperz

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This scenario was made using the Armoured Escalation mod (available on Steam Workshops) and the Fulda Gap map. It is set in May 1991 and depicts an assault by a Russian motor rifle battalion on a dug in American infantry company. It is designed to be played as Russian.

1) Recce is crucial. If your usual tactic is recce by death, you will need an urgent rethink.

2) I allowed a generous amount of time to complete the mission. Possibly too generous. If so, I would be very grateful for your feedback. I would also be grateful for your AARs, which will help me with my next scenarios.

Thanks in advance,
Pongo de Mer
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RE: New Scenario: Dug in at Dipperz

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Hi Pongo, not tried your scenario yet but liked your probing of the devs about battle groups.

I also have an Infantry scenario just posted. PBI in this game.
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