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Display dice rolls/RNG

Post by Nachtjager »

This is very much not a priority, but something that's bugged me in a few very egregious examples lately. Whenever I have a unit die when it seems like it shouldn't, I like to check the detailed log. There I get to witness the glory of a 50 adjusted attack beating a 20,000 adjusted defense after getting past a mobile shield.

To be clear, I don't mind that this happens, I just wish I could see even further under the hood to understand why this happens. Both times I've lost heavily armoured tanks to regular infantry in this game they've had GR unit feats so currently my leading theory is that those feats are simply cursed by the ghosts of the old republic.

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RE: Display dice rolls/RNG

Post by TheSquid »

First, totally agree it would be great to see attack rolls.

Second, this is most likely due to the way probabilities are capped:

- the best chance of a hit is 75%, which occurs when attack*2 >= HP
- the worst chance of a hit is 25%, which occurs when Attack/2 <= HP

This is somewhere in the manual I believe.

So technically, every time a unit is attacked, there's always at least a 25% chance (!) of it taking a hit (which might mean a kill, or retreat, or pinned I believe?), no matter how ridiculous the disparity is between it's HP and the enemy's attack score. It also means you won't get a higher hit rate than 75% (in the converse case).

So if that unit that got taken out had only had a defensive score of 110, the chance of it dying would have been identical to what it had at 20000+. Which also means that all those extra unit feats, skills etc. you're getting don't contribute anything whatsoever to that particular unit. Unless I've completely misread something somewhere...

On top of that there are other factors such as "max attacked" which of course don't help (the tougher units are usually much larger therefore can be attacked more)...
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RE: Display dice rolls/RNG

Post by Soar_Slitherine »

No, I highly doubt that is correct. The relevant manual section (5.10.15.) says, "If [attack and hitpoints] are equal, there is a 50% chance of a hit. If the attacker has twice the points, there is 75% chance of a hit; if the defender has twice the score, there is a 25% chance of a hit, and so on". That's just an example of the way the hit probability is proportional to attack and hitpoints, not a description of a hard limit.
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RE: Display dice rolls/RNG

Post by Destragon »

I also wanted to make a thread about this.

I would have loved to see what kind of die roll the slaver rifleman got against my APC in this old game:
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