Passing vassal territory

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Passing vassal territory

Post by Kaaven »

It is really weird that I cannot drive my units through the territory of my vassal, even when they have 100 relationship with me. In my current game, that means I have to drive my units half a continent around, instead of being able to attack my enemy in the back, because my small ally controls a small part of land separating us.

So I would like to suggest making it possible to pass vassal's territory. Simple as that. Either just by default, of possibly as another Minor faction card to pass to do so. To offset the possible strategic advantage that it would grant, it would still be impossible to pass any logistics that way. Just unit passage. That way, it would still be a risky manouver but would make having allies instead of just conquering everyting more viable.
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RE: Passing vassal territory

Post by mroyer »

Yes, I've had that same exact thought.

I'd also suggest a similar major strategem card for major powers. The target major would have to have a very high relationship (90+?) and a non-aggression pact. Should the relationship drop below the required number, then the majors would have x-turns to get their units out of each other nations or suffer some heavy penalty.

-Mark R.
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RE: Passing vassal territory

Post by TheSquid »

Fully agree, except it should be possible to use at least part of the minor's logistics network as well. IMO it would make sense that as the "major" partner, you'd be able to convince your vassal that it might be a good idea to let us use their country for supplying our armed forces.

Though both passage through territory, and logistics, through minors that are your vassals, should require some type of card to be played to allow this. Additionally, having your units and logistics clog up their country's networks (which although they don't actually affect the AI in the same way as we are affected, one would imagine that this would be the case) should have some kind of impact - ideally, it should be properly modelled such that this affects what gets shipped where, meaning it could lead to production shortages or food shortages and the like, which in turn could lead to unrest, which could lead to events triggering where your vassals asks you to help with their food shortage that you've created (then you could choose to supply them with temp food (further clogs up logistics), or just detour a brigade to help reduce the number of hungry people to a more manageable level ;) - with associated political/reputation consequences).

By default, it should definitely be possible to march your troops through your vassals territory without immediately have to declare war - though if you haven't played the right card yet then this should result in PP + rep penalties (and possibly trigger an event/report related).
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