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Home of Wargamers Live - Announcements

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During the latest Home of Wargamers Live Stream, we announced new DLCs, new releases and when these new titles will be available. In case you missed any of these exciting announcements, here are all games from Slitherine and Matrix Games that will be published before the end of 2020.

Command Live - Sahel Slugfest (October 15th)
A new Command Live DLC is available today, October 15th, for Command Modern Operations. In Sahel Slugfest, old and new “colonial” powerhouses are wrestling over African oil reserves, significant business opportunities and for political dominance.

Fantasy General II: Empire Aflame (October 21st)
Fantasy General II’s new DLC, Empire Aflame, will be available on October 21st. In this next chapter of the Keldonia campaign, players will fight as The Empire who are facing a new type of enemy, born from the Shadowlord’s realm and spreading like a dark plague.

Stirring Abyss (October 29th)
Stirring Abyss is crawling out of darkness this month and it’s about to make your Halloween weekend really spooky. This indie gem filled with Lovecraftian fear is releasing October 29th so steel your resolve for the tests to come.

Warhammer 40,000 Gladius - Relics of War new DLC (November 12th)
The planet knows no peace. A new, deadly and long awaited faction is deploying on Gladius to fight back any opposing force. The Imperium agents still keep the secret on this faction, but we managed to uncover the release date: November 12th.

ICBM (November 19th)
After the incredible success during the Steam Festival, the game is getting its final touches and will be released on November 19th.

Shadow Empire (Steam Release - December 3rd)
This boundless and flexible 4x strategy game has been available so far only on Matrix Store. From December 3rd, Shadow Empire will also be available on Steam.

Panzer Corps 2 - Axis Operations 1940 (December 10th)
Axis Operations: 1940 is the third DLC for Panzer Corps 2 and it brings you to one of the most crucial moments of World War II: the successful blitzkrieg against the Low Countries, Belgium and France, the invasion of Scandinavia and the Balkans, and even an optional landing in England. It will be available on December 10th.

Field of Glory II: Medieval is Coming Soon
We also announced Field of Glory II: Medieval. FoGII: Medieval is set in the High Middle Ages from 1040 AD to 1270 AD. This is the heyday of the mounted knight and the time when the entire European continent was in turmoil and should make for some engaging and exciting battles. Beta signups start today for an expected release in Q1 2021. Find out more.
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RE: Home of Wargamers Live - Announcements

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Stirring Abyss looks interesting
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RE: Home of Wargamers Live - Announcements

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Stirring Abyss looks interesting

It is very cool and very fun. It has that XCOM Terror from the deep vibe, which brings back all that childhood fear :D
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RE: Home of Wargamers Live - Announcements

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So War in the East 2 looks like a 2021 release.
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