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This is Larry's baby, all I did was to put some new blankets on it.

Permission granted by Larry.


Note there is a typo, and I am not going to change it.

This text below and in the scenario briefing should be changed from:

Army Group and Army HQ to Squad HQ


Army Group and Army HQ to Square HQ icon

* Mods by zovs66 on 10/5/2020 - 10/6/2020 *

* Icon's changed: *
Siege to Hvy Siege
Jaeger to Mountian/Cav
Mot MG to Mot MG
Mot Eng to Mot Eng
339 Static to Static
Flamm Pz to Armored Eng
RR const to RR Const
Army Group and Army HQ to Squad HQ (all other HQ's to HQ)

NKVD Regitments to BDR
Siege to Hvy Siege
RR const to RR Const

* Colors changed: *

All non-Motorized units; Army HQ, Infantry, Cavalry, Bicycle, Security, Artillery, Rocket and RR:
White and Feldgrau on Feldgrau

All Armored units; Panzer Group HQ, Panzer Corps HQ, Panzer, Flamm Panzer, Assault Engineer:
White and Black on Feldgrau

All Motorized units; Infantry, Engineer, AT and Artillery:
White and Crimson on Feldgrau

All Engineer types (non-Motorized) and Army Group North/Center/South HQ:
White and Pink on Feldgrau

All Antiaircraft, Para, Air Landing and Luftwaffe:
White and Light Blue on Feldgrau

All SS units:
White on Black

Armor unit:
White and Black on Grey

All other units:
White and Feldgrau on Grey

Gr HQ and Armor
Yellow and Black on Dark Blue

All other units:
White and Dark Blue on Dark Blue

Green and White on Blue Gray

Gr HQ and Armor:
Dark Blue and Light Blue on Light Grey

All other units:
Dark Blue and White on Light Grey

Light Feldgrau and Black on Light Feldgrau


All Infantry, AT, AA, Artillery and HQ, and Para:
Light Brown and White on Golden Brown

All Armor and Mech:
White and Black on Golden Brown

All Motorized:
White and Green on Golden Brown

All NKVD and Guards:
White on Crimson

White and Dark Blue on Crimson

Crimson and White on Light Grey

* OOB changes: *
Increased 100 and 102 Flamm Pz TOE to 48 PzKw II (flamm) and added 2 SdKfz 6/2
Added correct siege guns to all siege guns (used Niehorster)
Corrected all Assault Gun battalions per
http://militaryhistoryvisualized.com/as ... stug-life/

* Updated Scenario briefing *

Thanks for all the work you have put into this Larry! And thanks for letting me change the colors and make a small tweak or two.

Lastly, I used Dave25210 flat counter icon you can get that from:

https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.a ... age=2&key=#

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