[Logged] Chasing jamming signal

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[Logged] Chasing jamming signal

Post by guanotwozero »

Due to enemy jamming, 'ghost' flights appear in an AAW patrol zone for (usually) 10 seconds at a time. Each time my patrolling fighters turn towards them and often go offensive, wasting fuel. Over time this can significantly reduce endurance on patrol.

Is this WAD? It seems to me it would be wise to delay 10 seconds just to see if it's real before engaging afterburners. If so, would it be possible to configure a delay before chasing a target, especially one known to be jamming?

In the save Gator39 is turning towards the nearby ghost.

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RE: Chasing jamming signal

Post by KnightHawk75 »

Seems most WAD, as that's kind of the idea right, part of good EW is making the opponent chase ghosts.
I think what you're seeing at the point of the save and in that zone is less enemy jamming (i could be wrong) creating the ghost contact itself and more SAT based SIGINT from sat's on the other side of the earth doing detection and getting it wrong (or probably combo of both). I love this scenario btw, but I ended up removing lots of the sats and just creating a couple of my own geo-synced closer in theater because they ended up throwing off detection of closer\better sensors who had a much better general fix on things without the sat's 5000+ miles away polluting the triangulation.

That said when I load your save in 1147.11 that ghost quickly goes away, and then doesn't come back, maybe somethings been refined in this regard since then (still get ghosts just not there, and the sat detections seem to cap aroun 4000nm, or maybe luck of timing idk), it seem.

I definitely see your point though when it comes to using afterburner (vs cruise or mil). I'm trying to think of a middle ground, like since I presume it inherently knows it's a bs contact (there is no unit linking back to the contact) I wonder if could check that and use cruise or military power instead in those cases. Then again if you're paying close attention you'd then be able to use it as a sort of give away that AB wasn't in use. Have you tried setting the attack speed option on the AAW patrol setting (and reapply to all affected), to military speed, it might be a compromise to at least keep them from using burners without screwing things up too much for engaging real contacts.

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RE: Chasing jamming signal

Post by Rory Noonan »

Logged for investigation.

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