Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich v1.06.05 is Now Available.

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Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich v1.06.05 is Now Available.

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Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich v1.06.05 is Now Available.

It’s time to suit up and switch on those magnetos, the latest patch for Gary Grigsby’s Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich is out now! Building on the tireless efforts of the previous patches, version 1.06.05 fixes even more minor bugs and adds several new features including:

A new “Find Air Units” tab is added to the reaction phase to allow you to easily find the location of each of your air groups during the heat of the action showing the current fatigue, morale, fuel, and damage of each individual pilot and planes. Or, momentarily stop the action and simply select one of your air groups on the map to get its current status - including mission type and even if the pilot is wounded!

The weather system has been reworked to introduce next day forecasting and variable wind direction. Now you can “stand down” and refit your air groups during a bad weather turn, knowing that tomorrow promises to be less cloudy or foggy in your sector. You can now also get the current weather report for all of Europe during the planning phase from a single glance at the strategic map.

All of this and much, much more awaits you with this latest patch for the most realistic and in-depth game of the Battle of Britain and the Strategic Bombing Campaign against Germany ever produced.

You can download the update from the product page, My Page or directly here.

Changes & Fixes:
• Strat map now shows weather by zone during planning phase.
• Changed cloud movement direction to randomly move from NW to SW direction each turn. Added forecasting of next turns weather in Campaign Summary.
• Defender start now sees cloud pattern for the upcoming turn.
• Allies must now have AS of 4 or greater to win BTR campaigns.
• Made tweaks to Eagle Day Attacker AI to increase effectiveness.
• Human player no longer gets automatic upgrades, allowing player to upgrade or change most plane types manually.
• Reinforcement arrival now displays, and centers on entry airfield and gives information about aircraft type.
• Leader promotion messages now show inspiration and leadership values.
• Auto plan raid range button increment increased to reduce multiple clicking.
• Max ranges reduced for AI raids in keeping with available escort ranges. Added some tweaks to increase BTR Attacking AI aggressiveness.
• Me110 night-fighters will auto upgrade to be fitted with upward firing cannon.
• Minor modifications to Jet-Age scenario to accelerate the development of more types of German jets.
• To decrease the over-effectiveness of attacking landing planes, added flak attack on enemy planes attacking landing aircraft, and increased likelihood of attacker calling off the attack if failed morale check.
• Fixed some altitude loss and gain anomalies caused by inconsistent variable types.
• Fixed incremental elevation gain during climb out from takeoff for intercepting fighters.
• Reworked e-warfare device upgrades and implementation, fixed data errors causing ELINT to be broken in 1944 campaigns and axis aircraft radar unused in 43 and 44. Aircraft in 1944 scenarios now benefit from previous 5 months of e-warfare technology upgrades.
• New Pathfinder group pilots start with higher experience.
• Area targets that do not produce terror points shown in blue circles, all others shown with black circles to differentiate from jammed radar sites.
• Pilot roster now shows which pilots occupy a ready aircraft and highlights the leader. Added color highlights to Top and Honor Roll Pilot views.
• When selecting a lead and following groups for a raid, only functional Nav devices will be indicated on the list (i.e. if range is too far for oboe, etc.)
• “Find Air Units” tab is added to the reaction phase to allow easy lookup and location, showing fatigue, morale, fuel, damage, and current mission of individual pilots/planes within the selected air group during the action.
• Enabled dynamic selection of friendly aircraft during reaction phase.
• Defending player less likely to strike balloon cables, Attacker gains some experience if he kills a balloon.
• Fixed bugs where experience was accumulating improperly or not at all.
• Fixed exploit that allowed Axis player to change weapon loadouts in flight.
• Fixed bug where game was not properly recognizing fighter to fighter-bomber conversion capability.
• Fixed bug where Defender Doctrine was resetting to default each turn.
• Fixed bugs where Fighter-bomber groups with swapped-out bombs could not be grouped together in a bomb raid. Added “b” designation on group lists to differentiate which groups have bombs and which have drop tanks.
• Groups equipped with Navigation (in range of target), Elint, or Radar equipped show “n” “e” or “r” respectively on group lists.
• Improved ability to select objects on map when zoomed out.
• Added altitude performance bands to weapons database display.
• Fixed inadvertent AI moving of RAF 100 Group planes.
• Fixed flight altitude changing to default 20K instead of mission altitude.
• “Raid detected” message moved to level 3.
• Pilots are now vulnerable to minor, in-flight wounds which can impact performance as they try to return to base. More likely to happen in non-level bomber types and aircraft with low durability rating.
• Several tweaks to ground campaign making combat occurrences more likely, making the breaking of front-lines more sensitive to the level of effort made by allied ground-attack campaign.
• Fixed bug causing targets to highlight blue after closing Order of Battle screen.

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