Duplicated standalone scenarios

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Duplicated standalone scenarios

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I have noticed that I have some duplicated standalone scenarios, with slightly diferences on their names. For example, I have two "Maria and Victoria" scenarios, one named just like that and the other "Maria & Victoria", or two "Canary's Cage", one named like that and the other "Canarys Cage" (without the apostrophe).

Is this WAD? If not, which one is the correct and most updated version?

I have a fresh install and the new 1147.10 update, but I have noticed this some time ago. I tried to delete all standalone missions from their folder before installing the update, but they reapeared duplicateed again.

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RE: Duplicated standalone scenarios

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My understanding is that the version with the photo at the beginning is the current version, the other one the legacy version from CMANO.

It's confusing and I'd like the devs to add "legacy" (for example) in the description of the old scenario.
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