Is that realistic to have AI FCR always on?

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Is that realistic to have AI FCR always on?

Post by cmanouser1 »

I'm noticing in many scenarios that Fire Control Radars are radiating for AI units.
This gives away military units, as commercial ships or planes don't do that obviously [:D]

1) Now the question is: is that how it operates in the real world? Or would FCR be switched on just before firing, then off?

2) Subsidiary question: for missiles fired from an aircraft that need the radar of the aircraft to be turned on for guidance (in contrast to missiles that work fine with a different radar source), is there a setting to switch such radar only briefly before firing, instead of always radiating?
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RE: Is that realistic to have AI FCR always on?

Post by Parel803 »

In real world I guess it's depending on more than one factor. What are the posture, what are the ROE's, rules by warfare commanders, doctrines. etc. Do you wanna increase tension or not. How you estimate the reaction on you're FC or you wanna make a statement. You can use early on the FC radar for warnings, better position updates in 3 dimension, also depending on you're other sensors. Moore modern radar the FC is just one of the modes of you're radar. Not sure this helps (sorry if it doesn't) but there are many variables, more then I wrote down. It's all up to the CO.
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RE: Is that realistic to have AI FCR always on?

Post by Zathred »

I've setup some test scenarios using LUA scripting to keep SAM air defence FCR silent until the target is in range and it certainly makes a large difference to the outcome as SEAD aircraft can't target them with ARM missiles or even detect them at a distance if they've not been observed previously.
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RE: Is that realistic to have AI FCR always on?

Post by LORDPrometheus »

It depends greatly on the situation. For example if your foe has strong radar coverage or already knows you are in the area the defensive benefits of turning on your radars makes sense. However, if your enemy does not know you are there then keeping your emissions as low as possible will help you hide. Everything in war is a balancing act and radars are just one part of the equation.
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RE: Is that realistic to have AI FCR always on?

Post by Dimitris »

You can direct a unit to be "silent until attack", by setting its EMCON-radar property to passive. It will not perform search or track until all other pre-fire conditions have been met, and at the very last moment, depending on the weapon guidance type, it may activate briefly (to get a firm track for initial trajectory guidance for AMRAAM-class weapons) or start illuminating (for SARH or command-guided weapons).
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