WarPlan Initiate Naval Combat

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WarPlan Initiate Naval Combat

Post by MajorCyco »

I am new to WarPlan and have been trying to figure out how to initiate naval combat. Page 95 of the manual states "a fleet right-clicks on another fleet to initiate combat". When I right click on a fleet, I get a message that states "Can't occupy the same hex as an enemy fleet". It does not appear that a search role is being initiated.

My fleet was in the hex so it did not move from port. It has a supply level of 3. If I click on the enemy fleet hex without selecting one of my fleets, it says "unknown ships" in the hex. Not sure if this is a bug or if I am missing something simple here.

I also tried to surround an enemy fleet, occupying all six hexes around it. The enemy fleet was able to sail through my occupied hexes with no issues, so not sure about the occupying the same hex message noted above.

Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: WarPlan Initiate Naval Combat

Post by kennonlightfoot »

My guess is you didn't first move adjacent to the enemy fleet before right clicking on it. Except for CV based fleets they must move adjacent to the enemy fleet. If the enemy fleet is not in Raider mode they may "ambush" your fleet on that move. Once adjacent you should be able to right click on the enemy fleet and attempt to attack it. CV fleets can make an air attack without moving from up to five hexes out.

If you did start adjacent and still had activation point then there could be a problem.
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RE: WarPlan Initiate Naval Combat

Post by AlvaroSousa »

You can't attack a fleet out of port.
You can attack a fleet in a port but are also subject to the port's defenses
You need an operation point to attack a fleet
You need to be next to a fleet to attack it if your fleet is a surface fleet
You can be 5 hexes away if you have a carrier fleet

The reason you can't attack OUT of a port is due to the tactical situation. You are boxed in a small area and need to start moving. Your enemy is already at sea at a distance. It is very easy for them to get away or simply pin you down and destroy you with significant forces. It just isn't realistic nor would any fleet commander attempt it.

They could attempt to escape from the port to get away as they did when the UK attacked Dakar. I think that was the battle.
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