[DB3K] wz-8 didn't work

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[DB3K] wz-8 didn't work

Post by cristianwj »

#3720 WZ-8 hypersonic drone is a high-speed vehicle for recon mission.
But during my test, after it launched it will drop altitude to 300ft ASL with 1200 knots.
When it fly over some ground units jusk like radar station and aircraft carrier, it's generic visual reconnaissance camera seems didn't work? Nothing was founded.
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RE: wz-8 didn't work

Post by Rory Noonan »

Hi christianwj,

This is a database issue related to the DB3K. I've added this to the list so there's no need for a second post, however in the future can you please post database issues on the dedicated Database 3000 (1980-2025+) Requests thread?

I know it may seem pedantic, but we're trying to keep DB requests and feature requests seperate from Tech Support items so we can track and manage all of these items more effectively.

There's also some guidance on tech support posts here.

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