My Hi-Tech Industry just diasppeared.

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My Hi-Tech Industry just diasppeared.

Post by FreddaH »

I was upgrading a Hi-Tech Industry to level 3 in my capital, had a steady overflow income of 4 hi-tech parts per turn, and then suddenly, as I inspected the construction I saw the option to construct Hi-Tech Industry level 1. 'Weird', thought I as I didn't think you could have two instances of the same asset in a city, but lo and behold, the existing Hi-Tech industry was no longer there, and my income was down to 1. I didn't see any message about an industrial accident, so I am at a loss.

Anyone had any similar issues?

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RE: My Hi-Tech Industry just diasppeared.

Post by Soar_Slitherine »

The changelog for the beta patches does mention a bug involving assets getting incorrectly deleted - it's fixed in the latest beta patches.
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