Retirement Stratagem Question

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Retirement Stratagem Question

Post by Daza99 »

"Spend 250 credits and have 50% chance to retire Seniority-30 Leader"

What does - 30 mean?

Does this mean the stratagem card can only be played on Leaders with a Seniority of 30 or less?
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RE: Retirement Stratagem Question

Post by Soar_Slitherine »

Retirement strategems make a roll versus the target's Seniority. Leaders more senior than the "50% chance" value are less likely to retire, less senior ones more likely.
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RE: Retirement Stratagem Question

Post by Berks »

Hi Daza,

The - is a dash and not a minus in this case.

The Bronze Retirement Stratagem will roll a 3d20 and compare to the leader's Seniority Rank. If the Leader's Seniority Rank is 30, there is a 50% chance of 31-60 (success), and a 50% chance of 0-30 (failure)***

You can play the card on any leader in the Reserve Pool, but it only has a chance of working on a leader with 60 Seniority or less (maybe 59 or lower, don't know how a tie is handled)

*** Note - I actually think the chance should be slightly higher than 50%, but maybe Vic has coded it to draw a random number between 1 and 60?
(Average of a 1d20 is 10.5 and not 10, so your average score should be 31.5, not 30)
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