[Answered] Problem regarding engagement logics

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[Answered] Problem regarding engagement logics

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1. SEAD PATROL mission goes for "EMISSION", not "SAM/AAA site" themselves. That is, planes assigned to SEAD mission will not automatically attack MANPADS and other AA facilities without emission, even if they are explicitly identified.

2. Both tanks (medium armor) and IFVs (light armor) are considered "HARD" target in weapon doctrine. This makes some confusion. or example, 12.7mm MG on a light helicopter can beat IFV but not tank, if I set more than "do not use weapon" doctrine to "hard mobile target", helicopters will very likely to waste their time and ammo on tanks which can never be beaten, and completely ignore accompanying IFVs just ten meters apart.

3. ENGAGE DEFENSIVE follows a very simple drill: Dive-Beam-Afterburn. This in some cases will put aircraft in more dangerous situation. For example, close air support aircraft engaged by low air point defense system (namely MANPADS) will sometimes turn TOWARDS attacker and dive under the ceiling (MANPADS does not have engagement floor), which in return increases the probability of being killed. What is more dangerous is the following: Recon aircraft and strike aircraft (equipped with laser guided bombs that releases well above SAM ceiling) are grouped closely. For some reason the recon aircraft is engaged by a MANPAD, and all aircrafts near this aircraft being engaged will go defensive. This causes SOME attack aircraft dive under the MANPAD attack ceiling thus they are attacked, and this "panic" will spread like plague. At the end, all attack aircrafts literally do aerobatics right in front of enemy ground assets. I hope there is some kind of workaround for this.

These are all about underlying logics and codes. If it is too hard to fix, just take your time.
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RE: Problem regarding engagement logics

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I've split 1 and 2 into separate threads as per the Tech Support Post Guidelines.

3 has been discussed at length here
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