[Logged] Home On Jam not working?

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[Logged] Home On Jam not working?

Post by TheOriginalOverlord »

How is "HOJ" supposed to work in CMO?

I've tried launching some AIM-54C with HOJ at radiating TU-16Js with no success.

I created a test below with 3 F-14s an early 14A with 54As a 14D with 54Cs and a hypothetical 14D[AAAM,H/R] with the 120D.

Each 14 has a TU-16J radiating to it's due East...

Keeping the 14s passive you never know you are being jammed unless you get withing visual range and even then you don't know you are jammed until you turn the radar on.

If you go active you will find the jammers and a "jammed" icon but you don't see "jam" on the TU-16s.

Secondly the AWG-71s pick up the badgers when they get in range but the older 14A with the AWG-9 doesn't pick up the badger until about 40nm away. However if you only turn on the AWG-9 and leave the -71s passive you still get a "jammed" icon on the early 14A.

If you go active and launch a 54C it will go blind then go active with it's onboard seeker (same for the 120D).

Shouldn't you know there is a jammer and base direction and then launch a "HOJ" missile PASSIVELY to the target? You shouldn't need a radar illumination just to launch...at least thats how I understand it...

test attached...

(9.56 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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RE: [Logged] Home On Jam not working?

Post by Rory Noonan »

Logged for investigation.

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RE: [Logged] Home On Jam not working?

Post by Dimitris »

That's a tricky one, alright. There is several things that need to work correctly.
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